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Drinking Water

Ground water is the only source of drinking water in the city. Though the city is fortunate enough to have high ground water table which appears to be boon to the city but has been converted into bane to population  due to its contamination . Due to uncontrollable water logging, poor solid waste and sanitation management,  life of the people has been jeopardized. As per the Jal Nigam report ,the first two layers of the ground water are totally contaminated. The water supply pipelines which were constructed five decades ago,  have been totally ruined. This grave situation has severely affected the poor and vulnerable people who don’t have any options but to suffer from these.


Due to high ground water table in the region, the majority of the population have their own electric driven  bore well  or hand pumps to obtain drinking water. The municipal   covers 65 percent of water supply of  the city. With easy access to groundwater , low levels of literacy and awareness, people tend to depend on shallow wells which are more likely to contain contaminated water. Water extracted from these shallow wells generate health problems and create bacterial and gastro-intestinal disorders in a large scale among  population . In summer season ,these  problem become very chronic  due  the water table going low due to drought.