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City dwellers are facing the acute problems of water and vector borne diseases due to water logging  and improper solid waste management and sanitation . In the future it is expected that this problem will exaggerate due to future trend of changing climatic conditions i.e. increase in maximum and decrease in minimum annual temperature and  increase of rainfall in Monsoon season  in shorter period. The water logging and reprehensible drainage, contamination of water of upper layer of aquifer from which major portion of the people get the polluted water through shallow bored hand pumps for drinking and other domestic purposes, are main cause of water borne diseases in the city. It is evident from a survey that about 70.5 % population is suffering from the abdomen diseases cause by using polluted and contaminated water. Japanese Encephalitis, Jaundice, Cholera, Colitis, Diarrhea, Worm, Dysentery, and Skin diseases have become rampant in the city.  Due to water logging and humid condition the mosquitoes and other insects and pests find the proper surroundings for their origin and intensification. Gorakhpur is famous for such mosquitoes which are the main cause of vector borne diseases like Influenza, Malaria, cough, cold, pneumonia, TB, Asthma, and Dengue in the city.